Jenson Construction


Dave Jenson


I started  building 25 years ago in Salt Lake County.  I was teaching school at the time and, to supplement my income as a teacher, I had to do something else.  I had worked construction a lot before hand so I started working on a couple homes.  It evolved into some nicer homes and has just gone up from there.


Things have changed over the years; the engineering has become more sophisticated which allows us to be able to do more things than we used to.  We moved to St. George about 13 years ago, and there are some things that are different about building in this climate as opposed to Northern Utah.  You don’t have the same issues with frost, there are other treatments for windows to protect from heat and sun which are always nice to do.  You just have a nice mix of architecture here in Southern Utah, you can involve some of the flat roof designs with pitches they are all very unique St. George style.


I enjoy the relationship developed from the people I build for and the people that work for me.  I have great subcontractors and suppliers, most of whom have been with me since I started down here.  I think I researched contractors for about 6 months before I built my first home here, and I have only changed 4 within the last 13 years and that’s all. They do a great job.


I like to be on site


I like to be on site because I don’t do a lot of homes, maybe 2-3 a year, but I do nice homes and I never compromise quality.  I know everyone says this but I really am on the site working all the time, making sure it goes the way we want it to.


What sets us apart?


What sets us apart?  Well, if you hire me, you get me. Not some other random person for a consult.  I don’t have a superintendent or someone else I send, so for good or for bad that’s who you get is me.  I have been able to do some pretty successful homes, and I don’t have unhappy clients when we are done, they are my friends, and I like that interaction with people.


Especially in areas where you have views and gorgeous scenery from Pine Valley, Zion, and the river, we try to capitalize on those views with everything in the home.  It’s terrible to see a breathtaking view and have only a small window to take advantage of it.  We try to do it the right way.  We bring the landscape in and out of the home.  We often do pools depending on the situation.  We like to do the whole project—we finish everything in the home.  From the garages to the furnace, we do it all.


We have done rustic things and contemporary things and can deliver any style wanted as long as there is communication, and with myself on site all day, the only dumb questions are the ones not asked.


If we are communicating and answering the questions as we go, it goes a lot smoother, we don’t have to back track as much, and at the end, you get the finish you want.  If there is a plan, you can always adjust as we go but at least we’re headed in the right direction. We need the input of the quality you expect, the price point you are trying to achieve, and the design in its entirety needs to come together.  From breaking ground to shingles on the roof, it will go a lot smoother.  We may have clients who want to be onsite along side you, or we may have a client out of the country during the whole process—either way the communication has to be there.


You start with a pile of dirt and end up with a majestic home and that is rewarding in itself.


Talk to people I have built for and get an opinion from them.  I like to give a list of all the people I’ve built for and you can talk to them.  When we meet it’s almost a two way interview.  The clients are getting a feel for me and I’m trying to get a feel for them as well—I need to know all the whos, whats, wheres, and whys to be able to create their dreams.


“You can either have me build your house… or wish you would have”